What is wrong with Alexis Sanchez at Man United? | The Debate | LIVE

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    David Prutton is joined by Tim Sherwood and Steve Sidwell to look ahead to Chelsea's Premier League tie with Manchester United. Watch Premier League LIVE on Sky Sports here ►



  • Panjax
    Panjax 1 tháng trước

    Oh dope, Thanks for uploading the whole segment. I'd like more of this.

  • Vaibhav Jain
    Vaibhav Jain 1 tháng trước

    This should be called ‘The discussion’, not ‘The debate’

  • Child of Chief
    Child of Chief 1 tháng trước

    Lukaku at West Brom - 17 Goals from 38 games Lukaku at Man Utd - 31 Goals from 62 games. not sure where Sherwood is getting his stats from but his goal to game ratio at every club bar Chelsea hovers around the 1 in 2 games mark. If you wanna split hairs then his Utd record out does his West Brom record.

  • Itzfreeboy lucky
    Itzfreeboy lucky 1 tháng trước (đã chỉnh sửa)

    That might ‍♂️ happen in dream not in life. When it comes to coaching tattics Sarri a beast

  • MegaSmitty93
    MegaSmitty93 1 tháng trước

    It’s just shows that good players can play in any set up cause Chelsea always seem to be able to get a new boss in set up totally different and just about or challenge for something most of the time

  • jim focus
    jim focus 1 tháng trước

    English pundits say the obvious things.. They never go deep in tactical analysis, always talk about individuals

  • bftb
    bftb 1 tháng trước

    "I wish you cancer and leukemia" is a very weird threat. Like... I wish you general cancer and also specifically blood cancer. 

  • Han Ozmen
    Han Ozmen 1 tháng trước

    Steve Sidwell how can you say that "you have to take it" - no one should have to take that abuse. Police need to get involved immediately when players are threatened like that. We can't just say oh it was on social media ... thats complete rubbish

  • Callum Hack
    Callum Hack 1 tháng trước

    Simple answer is no. Manchester United fan by the way.

  • Mar xam
    Mar xam 1 tháng trước (đã chỉnh sửa)

    Think it will be 2-2 with a injury time equaliser for Chelsea. Josè might even have a stropp..

  • IE
    IE 1 tháng trước

    Mourinho can win by playing defensive football. They must stop Alonso. They will try and get the ball to Alonso so he can start the attacks. This is very important. Then they must play good counteroffensive football. They must improve in this. Lukaku should be dropped. He's not good at counterattacks. He's poor at one-on-ones. They should have Sanchez as goal scorer in this situation. They must have Fellaini on the pitch. He can be "The Bolt" in this situation. He can guard against Hazard who will try and do frontal attack. Chelsea are good at pressing too. Man Utd players have to make themselves immune to pressing, something they have trouble doing. Ideal line-up: Martial Sanchez Mata Shaw Dalot Perreira Matic Fellaini Smalling Bailly DDG

  • Fizzy pop
    Fizzy pop 1 tháng trước

    Pedro will be man of the match

  • Jasper Di Marco
    Jasper Di Marco 1 tháng trước

    Amazing stream like if u agree

  • Azraai R
    Azraai R 1 tháng trước

    Thank you Sky for uploading this programs and the likes of Sunday Supplement too. Important for us fans outside UK who don't have Sky service.

  • H30manic 111
    H30manic 111 1 tháng trước

    Chelsea will beat united

  • K9ZE
    K9ZE 1 tháng trước

    I doubt It I reckon Man United only gonna get worse from here